Gina C.

Gina C.

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Gina C.

Associate Degree in Nursing

Staten Island Campus

I wanted to become a nurse because I like to help people and it makes me happy seeing people get better or even just making somebody smile.

Right now I’m actually working in private home care, so I take care of a 25 year old with a spinal cord injury.

I chose to come to school here ‘cause originally I am from Staten Island and my best friend actually applied for the program and she got in and advised me, “you know you should try to get in this school with me”.

My education benefited me as a person, it made me stronger, it made me want to fight for something I love, and it just made me stay positive even when I didn’t want to.

My family is just so positive and love what I’m doing and encourage me each day. They just stand by me through all my choices. You know, they’re always there for me.

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