Two Convenient Locations: Queens and Staten Island, New York City. Which one is right for you?

Are you a resident of New York City?

Are you interested in giving back to your community through your work as a nurse, medical assistant or dental assistant? At St. Paul’s School of Nursing, you can pursue your dreams at our two convenient New York City campuses in Queens and Staten Island. We offer training programs that can not only further your education, but broaden your horizons, and prepare you to embark on a rewarding and life-changing career in your own community.

Our Associate Degree in Occupational Science programs in both Nursing and Medical Assisting are offered at both our Staten Island and Queens campuses. Our Associate Degree in Occupational Science in Dental Assisting is offered at our Staten Island campus only.

Staten Island Campus

Since 1904, St. Paul’s School of Nursing has provided quality nursing education on Staten Island. Our modern campus is conveniently located off the West Shore Expressway. We offer associate degree programs in medical assisting, dental assisting, and nursing.

Queens Campus

Our second campus is located in Queens, just off the Whitestone Expressway. This location offers associates degrees in medical assisting and nursing.

Which location is right for you? Call today to learn more about how an educational program at St. Paul’s School of Nursing can start you on your way to s new career.