Dental Assisting

As of July 10, 2023, St. Paul’s School of Nursing is no longer enrolling new students in the Associate of Occupational Studies – Dental Assistant program.

The Dental Assistant program at St. Paul’s School of Nursing, prepares you for meaningful work in the field of dental assisting. Conveniently located in Staten Island—we serve the local community by providing the education and training you will need to land that first job at a local dental office or clinic.

With an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies in Dental Assisting, you can pursue a career that may include patient care, office and administrative duties, as well as laboratory tasks. Specific tasks might consist of providing chair-side assistance to the dentist, properly preparing and maintaining equipment, gathering or updating dental records, scheduling appointments, making dental impressions (models of patients’ teeth), and providing oral hygiene and/or post-procedure healthcare instructions to patients. Whether they end up working in an office or clinic, our dental assistant program graduates play an important role in helping dentists boost the efficiency of oral healthcare delivery.

Excellent interpersonal skills combined with up-to-date technical skills and education can create the ideal dental assistant and contribute to the delivery of quality dental care. Our comprehensive program balances traditional classroom instruction with real-world hands-on experience and provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently and competently assist dentists and interact with patients.

Skilled dental assistants are in demand in a variety of settings, including private and group dental practices, mobile dental units, insurance companies, hospitals, nursing homes, dental school clinics, dental specialty practices, and public and private health facilities. At our Staten Island campus, you will learn the skills you need to launch your career as a compassionate, skilled dental healthcare professional.