Nedeina S.

Nedeina S.

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Nedeina S.

Dental Assisting

Staten Island Campus

The education that St. Paul’s has given to me has been very beneficial. Now I can put the knowledge of my hand training with my educational training.

My family loves my achievements. My daughter’s actually thinking about becoming a hygienist. So it’s like they see mommy did it so now they could do it.

I have a 17, a 10 and a 6.

When mommy decided to go back to school they were actually laughing because now mommy has homework too, so it was a funny thing.

Once I did my homework they would actually sit down with me and since there was math in between I got to help them with their math and then they learned some of my math, so when they went to…my 17 year old Algebra she’s good at it now.

No matter where you come from, no matter the struggle you’ve been through, no matter the religion, your family, there is nothing you can’t do.