Why You Should Consider Travel Nursing

NursingApril 30, 2022

If you long to travel but find it hard to pack in a lot of sightseeing during your paid time off, you might consider becoming a travel nurse. If you’re not familiar with the role, a travel nurse is an RN who gets sent to facilities in cities or towns that need help due to staffing shortages or an increase in healthcare needs. Essentially, when you become a travel nurse, you get paid to work and visit new locations. 

To get started, nurses can register with travel nursing companies such as NursesRx, American Mobile Healthcare, and Medical Express and others. While assignments generally run about three months, they can be extended. A travel nurse contract typically includes a salary as well as place to live or a housing allowance. Travel nurses also receive benefits like they would with a more traditional employer, including health and dental insurance and retirement packages. 

While the opportunities vary, travel nurses can select from a variety of locales. Assignments are usually available in all 50 states and can range from small towns in the Midwest to big cities like Los Angeles. Or you may be able to select a resort town like Key West or Maui. And if you love outdoor adventure, you could even find nursing opportunities in destinations like Alaska or the Grand Canyon. While you will be working a full-time job, you can explore your new location during your downtime.  

Travel nursing can also help you to build your skill set. You may get experience in different departments than your previous jobs, and you’ll get exposure different styles of care and management. Plus, you’ll enhance your soft skills by meeting new people and getting used to new teams. And since your role is temporary, you can focus on patient care instead of becoming involved in management issues or office politics. 

And if you’re considering permanently moving away from the New York area, travel nursing may give you a great way to experience new areas, and test the waters for several weeks before committing to making a big move. 

For most contracts, to become a travel nurse, you need at least 12 months of acute care clinical experience. Traveling nurses can register with agencies that place nurses into short-term staffing opportunities. And, you may want to register with more than one agency to review their openings. 

If you’re not yet an RN, St. Paul's can help you get on this exciting career path so that, someday, you could have the opportunity to become a traveling nurse. Click here for more information or call us today at (855) 822-3018 and speak to one of our admissions representatives.