Preparing for the Job Search: How Career Services Can Help

NursingNovember 01, 2021

Getting a great education is your first step on the path to a great career. The next step is preparing for your job search. Students who attend St. Paul’s School of Nursing have access to our Career Services Department, which provides valuable resources that can help you find job opportunities in your chosen field. Since November is Career Development Month, let’s explore how our Career Services staff can help you with your professional goals.

Interview Preparation

To help you land that first position, we encourage every student to take advantage of our career planning programs. Graduate candidates meet with the Director of Career Services or a member of the Career Services staff during their last term to discuss services available in their individual job search. 

The Career Services staff aids graduates in finding employment by assisting with resume writing, helping develop and refine interview skills, assessing skills, refining communication skills, identifying appropriate job leads, and providing training on successful job search techniques.

Job Placement Assistance

Once you complete your degree program and receive the applicable certification, you’re ready to enter the workforce and apply for entry-level job opportunities. While obtaining employment is ultimately your responsibility, St. Paul’s School of Nursing offers job placement assistance for graduates and alumni. Our Career Services Department works closely with New York area healthcare facilities, connecting you to job opportunities and acting as the liaison between students and employers and helping set up job interviews. 

Graduates are welcome to continue to contact the school frequently to inquire about job openings. While graduates should independently pursue employment opportunities, the Career Services department will assist all graduates in good standing.

While placement assistance is provided to students and alumni, it’s important to note that we cannot promise or guarantee employment or a specific salary. If you have any questions about career services, contact us today. Or, if you’re just starting out, St. Paul’s School of Nursing can help by putting you on the path to a great education. Click here for more information or call us today at (855) 822-3018 and speak to one of our career counselors.