Honoring Our Educators

NursingNovember 01, 2021

Each year, National Education Week is held the third week of November—a time to recognize the individuals who ensure that students receive a quality education. This year, Education Week is November 15-19, 2021, and we thought it would be a great time to introduce you to some of the important roles at St. Paul’s School of Nursing that touch our students’ lives inside and outside of the classroom. 

Admissions Advisor

Perspective students get information from admissions advisors like Rachel Ramphal-Hassan. Rachel loves being an admissions advisor. “Being able to make a difference in someone’s life is all I want to do, and this position allows me to do that daily,” she says. She cherishes the special connections she makes with students and says some of their stories have really tugged on her heart strings. “Some of them were homeless, some have experienced traumatic moments, and some wanted to provide a better life for their families. They have struggled and faced many hurdles that have prevented them from succeeding. It brings me such joy to be able to help them create a better lifestyle and my hope is that they can help others make better changes as well.” 


St. Paul’s School of Nursing has plenty of amazing instructors. One of those is adjunct Instructor Mary Guarneri, MSN, NC-BC, whose nursing career spans four decades, the last nine years of which have been at St. Paul’s School of Nursing in Queens. A life-long learner, Mary says she is consistently humbled by how the classroom is truly transactional. “I learn from every class and have made changes from their suggestions. I believe it is important to actively seek input from students. Their ideas are given respectfully and thoughtfully. Learning is definitely a two-way process!” 

Another educator is Otilia Marticorena, DMD, who teaches the dental assistant program at St. Paul’s School of Nursing in Staten Island, N.Y. Before becoming an instructor, she spent 25 years working as a dentist in a private practice. Otilia helps students believe they can achieve anything in their path, encourages them to push through, and reminds them “the work will pay off in the end.” “Sharing my knowledge and experience with students is one of the most rewarding things I have done,” she says.

Externship Coordinator

Students get real-world experience with externships at local businesses, such as hospitals, physicians’ offices, and dental practices. Kian Goldman, M.A., is an externship coordinator and adjunct instructor at St. Paul’s School of Nursing in Queens. Kian works closely with students to help them overcome challenges. Kian recalls one student: “He was facing so many challenges and was discouraged, but he stayed focused and humble. We worked together to break through these roadblocks and we did it. He is now an NP, happily married and has a son. To this day, he is like family to me.” 

Director of Career Services

Students who are ready to look for their first job, may meet Lynn Salvage, MBA, M.A., Director of Career Services at St. Paul’s School of Nursing in Staten Island. She says engaging with students and graduates is the best part of her job, and she loves seeing them come back after they have graduated and are successfully employed in the profession for which they’ve been trained. She is a strong supporter of career schools because “they train you for a profession – not just a job.” 

Rachel, Mary, Otilia, Kian and Lynn are just a few members of the experienced and dedicated faculty and staff you will meet at St. Paul’s School of Nursing. If you’re looking for a quality education, the team St. Paul’s School of Nursing educators can help. Click here for more information or call us today at (855) 822-3018 and speak to one of our career counselors.