Our Online Transition: Questions and Answers

Keeping Our Students, Faculty And Staff Safe Is Our Highest Priority.

What does this mean for me?

During these uncertain times, our goal at St. Paul's School of Nursing is to keep all current students and enrollees on track for academic success and on-time graduation. Your local campus admissions team member can answer specific questions about your program and courses.*

Is it safe to visit to the campus?

Covid-19 policies are rapidly changing around the country as the economy begins to reopen and our campuses are in compliance with local and state guidelines.  Please visit your campus website for specific information about campus accessibility. 

Can I still enroll?

Yes! In response to COVID-19 guidelines, we have transitioned our Admissions Teams to an online process. All the necessary admissions activities ranging from virtual campus tours, to questions about program specifics to conversations with Financial Aid Representatives are now being conducted virtually. You can still get started on your career education as you have planned.  

Will my program start date be impacted?  

For current and future enrollees, it is our goal to keep academic programs operating on schedule. If you have specific questions, please contact your Admissions Representative via phone at 855-822-3018 or by email.  

How will students attend class remotely?   

Courses are now being conducted remotely via our Virtual Classroom. If you have questions about our platform, your program, or specific courses, please contact your Program Director via phone or email.  

I'm a student, what about my classes?  

Your campus leadership has been hard at work helping students to stay on track to graduation. If you have questions or need assistance, contact your local admissions team for assistance.

What if I don't have online access?  

Your campus leadership is working with students to address any connectivity issues. If you do not have an appropriate device (tablet, desktop or laptop computer, or phone), your campus may be able to lend you one. Our staff is working directly with students to get them the connectivity they need to keep their academic progress on track to graduation.  

Will I still be able to graduate as scheduled?  

We know how hard you have worked, and we are committed to keeping all enrolled students on their academic track.  

I have other questions. Who can I talk to?

Check out our new Student Technology Support and Resource Center. And if you need additional assistance, please call 855-822-3018 and we will connect you to the right person to answer your questions. 

*Some portions of some programs may not easily transition to online delivery.